Meditation: “Create More Than You Consume.”

August 9, 2013

Create More Than You ConsumeWhile out taking some yoga pics in Georgetown saw this quote on the wall and  loved it.  “Create More Than You Consume.” I really feel like that is the inner mantra for my life.  When you spend more time tapping into your inner essence and tuning into plant energy via your diet, it really can enhance your creativity and joie de vivre!  We are all meant to blossom and live out our true passion and purpose. Part of what clean eating does is free our bodies of toxicity so that we have more vitality, and become a clearer channel for brilliant creative ideas. When you are freed up from sickness, disease, and bodily concerns you have the luxury of channeling your energy towards something greater. In addition, practicing meditation and mindfulness helps us weed through and release our programmed emotional reactions, and work towards our purpose with more clarity, peace, and non-attachment.  The more we release our attachments and desperation for something outside of ourselves, the more we come into vibrational alignment with our desires and attract opportunities, people, and things to help us along our journey. Take a moment today and ask yourself: “Do I create more than I consume?” If not, how can you tap deeper into your creativity? What dreams, aspirations, or skills have you neglected lately? It’s a new day, and if you have the honor of being alive there’s still time to create what your heart truly desires.  ~Namaste, Raw Girl 



  1. Hi sistah I’m so happy to have found you and to be apart this amazing journey of health and Wellness.You inspire me to go beyond myself.My healthy lifestyle is not 100% but its a working progress.I’m not giving up.You are a genius in my eyes I will continue to learn from you and apply it to my life.I love you on instagram.God Bless You

    • Hi Nikera 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. EVERYONE, including myself is a work in progress, so glad you have found inspiration and are continuing to progress on your path. Be easy on yourself and hard at the same time! Embracing a challenge is always a great way to move forward. I appreciate you reading and supporting more than you know. -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Reblogged this on the VEGAN vernacular and commented:
    Create more than you consume. I am constantly feeling the importance of this statement in my own life. Its in this article that I finally discovered it in a wonderful someone else!

  3. Beautiful sentiment, thank you! Just what I needed to hear.
    Your blog is always a welcome refresher to the day – keeps me going. Keep up the inspiring work!

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