Raw Girl’s Adventures in NYC

September 6, 2013

photoLast weekend I had a very lovely time in the big apple. Part of what made it so wonderful besides the great company, was all of the yummy vegan fare I had from new and old favorite spots. Although I am always hyperaware of the “toxic” environment, the veg cuisine makes me happy enough to get through a weekend.

As soon as I arrived in the city, the Kombucha Brooklyn hunt began! Ever since I was introduced to their brand at Wanderlust, I’ve been madly in love. After hitting up a few places that sell it, only to find out they were out of stock, I finally scored the most amazing Kombucha flavor I’ve ever had at Graffitea in the East Village, burnt chamomile. If you can get your hands on this flavor, do, just for the experience. It has such and amazing full bodied flavor, that’s hard to explain. After one sip, I was dreaming about ordering it by the caseloads. Instead I may have to bite the bullet and start finding time to brew my own. Shout out to the lovely ladies at Birdbath Bakery in the village who gave us free vegan chocolate chip cookies because they were out of buch.

drink-your-saladWant to kill your parasites with one juice? Had a crazy potent juice from Juice Press called “Drink Your Salad,”  which is spicy (warning!)  and includes ripe tomato, carrot, celery, beet, parsley, kale, spinach, lemon, along with a pinch of cayenne, onion, garlic, and sea salt.  There’s also one called “Volcano” which includes a two ounce shot of cold pressed ginger, oil of oregano, lime, and cayenne extract. Without a doubt, one of those a day for a week would help you clean house of parasites, or just recalibrate your immune system, FAST! If your aren’t concerned about the buggers and need to satisfy your sweet tooth, the desserts are also pretty awesome. I tried their raw sweet potato pie and also tasted the raw key lime pie. The raw sweet potato pie was hands down, my favorite.

One of the nights out on the town, I went to Cafe Blossom with some friends and had a wonderful meal. My favorite things on their uptown menu thus far are the beet ravioli and autumn sweet potato rolls. So delish! Can’t wait to try more next time.

photo-1Besides all the good eats out on the town, one of my favorite people on the planet had us over for a lunch that included flaxseed crackers, raw hummus, red peppers, cucumber ceviche, raw sesame cashews that tasted like cracker jacks (also from Juice Press), and (gasp!) an avocado/mango guacamole that was unbelievable. After all of this good eating and lots of reconnecting with some of my favorite people, I was treated to a hot stone massage. Best. Idea. Ever. More on that later. -XoXo Raw Girl 


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