One on One Consultations

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There are many reasons why people are lead to the raw lifestyle or become interested in incorporating raw foods in their diets.  From loosing weight, to recovery from illness, spiritual awakening, or  just increasing overall vitality and beauty, consuming raw foods has transformed lives. For me the raw diet and undergoing serious detox helped me rid my body of life zapping parasites embarrassing acne, and maintain my ideal weight. My goal now is to help YOU get rid of your acne or overcome your parasite problem, so that you can be free to enjoy optimal health and live the life of your dreams.

Suffering from a bad case of acne or battling parasites? Need to lose weight? Not sure where to start with a raw vegan lifestyle or not seeing effective results with your current detox? Perhaps you do not want to go all the way raw or vegan but just want to see major improvements in your health. I can work with you at whatever stage you are to offer solutions and simple steps to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Get advice and one-on-one consultation with Raw Girl via skype or phone and have your personal questions answered. Each session will involve a pre-session questionnaire, and you will be sent comprehensive notes and recommendations within two business days following the session to help you follow through on your plan.

One Half Hour Session via Skype or Telephone: $50 




One Hour Session via Skype or Telephone: $100






Email rawgirltoxicworld@gmail.com for more information or to set your appointment schedule after you have paid for your session.



  1. Dear raw girl, my friend has Diverticulitis ! Can you help? She is in alot of pain and cannot have a bowel movement.

    • Hi Susan 🙂 I am not a doctor. I have consulted with people on hourly or half hourly basis and done research on possible alternatives. If you are interested in that would love to chat with your friend. But I cannot be a replacement for sound medical advice. XoXo

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