The Acne-Free Diet

The Acne-Free Diet, Raw Girl’s Guide to Staying Acne-Free for Life (Copyright August 2012) is an e-book  (55 pages total) with the goal of offering quality information that you can apply to your lifestyle NOW to help you stay acne-free or heal any prevailing skin condition you may have.  

Have you been struggling with taking control of your breakouts? Have you had chronic acne for years and tried every prescription under the sun? Or maybe you just break out once in a while but you would like to learn natural effective ways to minimize breakouts or deal with them when they arise? 

In this book you will:

  • Learn 7 Ground Rules for radically fighting acne and staying pimple-free for life
  • Discover key information that your doctor will not tell you about getting rid of your skin problems
  • Obtain a list of foods that provide the beauty minerals you need
  • Learn about 24 natural remedies and natural products that you can use on your skin to stay blemish-free
  • Obtain all of Raw Girl’s insider skin care secrets discovered from years of battling acne
  • Discover how internal parasites may be causing your skin condition and how to get rid of them
  • Discover what your acne is trying to tell you about your body
  • Learn 7 ways to Increase the Efficiency of a Detox
  • Learn 3 key ways to Clean Your Colon effectively during a Detox

This e-book also includes a detox plan. You will receive a Power Juice Guide (10 juice recipes), 3 Day Detox Calendar, and a detox shopping list with estimated budget:

  • Obtain a Power Juice Guide with 10 Quality Juice Recipes and explanation of Nutritional Benefits
  • Discover 13 Power Ingredients for Juicing that help to Clear up Skin Issues, Boost Immunity, and Encourage Weightloss
  • Learn about 9 Herbs that can Boost Detoxification and Support Weight Loss
  • Receive a detailed Detox Calendar with schedule for juice recipes
  • Receive a Shopping List with everything necessary to conduct detox  and Estimated Shopping Budget

The Acne-Free Diet  is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase directly for 19.99!!!  Click below to purchase and get your copy in your inbox!

Customer Feedback:

The Acne Free Diet is a fantastic resource for those looking to improve their skin, as well as their overall health. Packed full of information and advice, Esosa enlightens as well as informs. The book is a very smooth read and maintains a personal tone, but is still jam-packed with a healthy dose of scientific reality. I would whole-heartedly recommend The Acne Free Diet to anyone looking to gain a healthy glow inside and out! ~Juliana Eisner


  1. I ordered your ebook this morning haven’t received it yet.

    • Patience my friend its my birthday 🙂 You should have it tomorrow. -XoXo

  2. This way THERE is no need to do anything but permit the body do what it was made to accomplish, and heal itself. These 10 Acne Free Diet Secrets are made to be simple to understand but VERY EFFICIENT in balancing your skin oils and stopping breakouts. What is specific about the Acne Free Diet Secrets are that as long as you reside, if you know these 10 secrets, you can keep pimples from ever coming back.

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